Legal position

In 2012 the first Road Safety Course for LMIC was organised in Delft, the Netherlands, by four organizations, working together on a projectbasis under the name of Delft Road Safety Courses (DRSC). In the course of time DRSC developed  into a formal structure with legal personality, a “stichting” according to Dutch law (comparable with a foundation). This “stichting” is governed by a Board. As a “stichting” DRSC is legally obliged to publish its ID numbers and its Annual Reports through his website.

A short history

Delft Road Safety Courses (DRSC) is a cooperation between Delft University of Technology, SWOV Institute for Road Safety ResearchDelft Post Graduate Education and Road Safety for All. The objective of DRSC is capacity building for road safety professionals in low and middle income countries by presenting and discussing ‘scientific evidence’  on effective road safety strategies, action plans and projects.  The annual Road Safety Course in Delft is one of the core activities, besides organizing courses abroad inspired by the Delft-course and supporting training and research programmes in LMICs. Up till now courses has been organised in Ghana (3 times) and in Brazil in close cooperation with local partners.

Since 2016 DRSC is a foundation according to Dutch law; it is a not-for-profit organization working on capacity building in LMICs. It is not a charity providing donations.  

As of 2015 the Road Safety Course in Delft is organized by DRSC in association with FIA Foundation Road Safety Leadership Initiative. FIA Foundation is an independent UK registered charity which supports a.o. an international programme of activities promoting road safety. The partnership with DRSC builds on several successful years of running a road safety scholarship programme by FIA Foundation for professionals from LMICs. Where appropriate also the other activities of DRSC are supported by FIA Foundation.

All members of the partnership between DRSC and FIA Foundation do contribute actively to the organization of the course in Delft; this Organizing Committee is presented elsewhere on this website.

The Board

The foundation is governed by a board of six persons. Apart from the independent chair each boardmember is representing one of the DRSC partners. They are:

  • J.A.J.M.G.(Alphons) Hennekens, chair
  • (Paul) Wesemann (Road Safety for All), secretary/treasurer
  • J. (Arjan) van Binsbergen (Delft University of Technology)
  • A.J. (Rita) Cuypers (FIA Foundation)
  • vacancy (SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research)
  • L. (Marloes) Nieuwenhuis (Delft Post Graduate Education)

Main functions within the organization of DRSC

A Steering Group is overall responsible for the work and development of DRSC, courseleaders are responsible for the content of the courses and a scientific advisor provides advices to the Steering Group and the courseleaders on the quality of the courses.

Identification numbers
Fiscal number (RSIN)  856994558
Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) number 67444458.

P.Wesemann, secretary of the board
Delft Road Safety Courses
p.a. TUD/CiTG, attn Secretariat T&P
PO-Box 5048
2600 GA Delft, the Netherlands

The Annual report 2017 of DRSC (in Dutch) is attached and can be downloaded here.