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Road safety courses for Africa

Road safety course for Latin America

At the request of the National Road Safety Commission of Ghana a one week course has been given three times since 2016. The course was targeted at road safety professionals from English speaking countries in West and East Africa. The programme has been prepared in close cooperation with the National Road Safety Commission of Ghana. The courses were led by DRSC (prof. Fred Wegman, Govert Schermers) and lectured by international and regional road safety experts. The courses were financially supported by the World Bank and the Road Safety Fund (WHO/FIA Foundation) .

See the attached Evaluation report 2018.

The first Delft Road Safety Course for Latin America (DRSC-LA) took place in Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil, April 2018. It was a great success, thanks to a generous grant from CAF Development Bank and support for scholars from the FIA Foundation and Latin NCAP. The course was led by DRSC (Prof. Fred Wegman) in collaboration with the Universidade Federal do Ceará (Prof. Flavio Cunto, DRSC Alumnus 2016) and the CAF Development Bank (Dr. Hilda Gomez). The lectures were given by international and regional road safety experts.The DRSC-LA 2018 class included 23 colleagues from 5 different countries of Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Bolívia and Uruguay). Participants came from diverse road safety backgrounds, including representatives of international organisations (5 members), national government (8 members), regional/local government (3 members), research specialists (4 members) and the private sector (1 member).

The Evaluation report may be downloaded here.

  • DRSC aims also at supporting educational and research programmes in LMICs, often at universities.
    We may provide a range of supporting activities:
    • provide educational material to improve current road safety courses
    • give assistance to universities to develop a new road safety master course. This may involve courses given by guest- lecturers or developing e-lessons.
    • give assistance to develop post-graduate courses
    • give assistance to develop a research programme related to a course
    • organize a tailor-made version of the Delft Course in your country, in your region, at your office/institute/university, with a mix of local and international lecturers.

Where appropriate, activities will be organized in association with FIA Foundation.

For practical reasons we try to build on the contacts with alumni of the Road safety course in Delft. As of 2012 we received over 120 participants from all over the world.

Assistance that is provided ‘on distance’ (electronically from the Netherlands) can mostly be given free of charge. Local assistance (in your country) will have to be paid for (guest lecturers, course coordination).