Going to campus of city centre? Sebastiaansbrug will be closed!

The Sint Sebastiaansbrug will be replaced and the Municipality expects the new bridge – with low-noise asphalt – will be ready in the first half of 2020, and that tram 19 will be able to cross the bridge to campus at the end of that year.

From 14 February onwards, cyclists, car drivers and bus drivers will be re-routed as follows.

  • Cyclists can take the Hambrug bridge, the Kanaalweg and the bicycle path along the Mijnbouwplein.


Car drivers can drive via the Kruithuisweg, Prinses Beatrixlaan and Westlandseweg.


(Illustration: Municipality of Delft)

  • Buses 64 and 66 will stop at the Zuidpoort stop. Buses 40 and 69 will drive from the city centre via the Voorhofdreef, the Kruithuisweg and the Mekelweg to the TU Delft area. Bus 174 will no longer go from Rotterdam Noord to Delft train station, but will make a loop around the Jaffa cemetery.