Background course

The Delft Road Safety Course for Low and Middle Income Countries was first organised in 2012 at the TU Delft and was greatly appreciated by its participants. This was the most important stimulant to organise another course from 15 till 29 September 2013. Due to great interest it became a yearly event.

The course focusses on educating professionals in the field of road safety in developing countries. It is an initiative by the TU Delft, the Postacademisch Onderwijs Foundation and the Road Safety for All Foundation. Professor Fred Wegman (TU Delft and SWOV) coordinates the course’s programme and fulfills the task of course leader. The course was rewarded with exceptionally high praise from its participants.

The inquiries for a repetition of the course came in as soon as the first one had finished. Some requests were to repeat (parts of) the course while focussing on specific countries. Due to all this enthusiasm, it was decided to repeat annually.

The course will focus on organizational subjects (policy development, agenda and target setting, implementation of action plans, financing, research programmes) and safety measures in the area of engineering, enforcement and education. A central question to be dealt with is how to implement the principles that underpin the so-called Safe Systems approach in LIMC’s.

Participants will learn to develop a Road Safety Plan and to set up local programmes. All lectures, discussions and course materials will be in English. 

Download here the program of 2018