Course Settings

The course takes a period of two weeks and will be given by top road safety researchers and professionals.  Our lecturers are from universities and research institutes with the highest international reputation,  both from the Netherlands and abroad: Delft University of Technology, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, international institutions and consultancy firms. Moreover we have policy makers and experienced road safety advocates to make a valuable contribution to the course.

The courseleader is prof. dr. D.A.M.(Divera) Twisk. This year she is professor at Queensland University of Technology (Australia), based in the Center for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS-Q).

Many of the lecturers have gained experience by working in and with LMIC´s (consultants, professionals from NGO´s or international organizations).

The course includes class room presentations, facilitated discussions, group work and field trips. An active participation will be stimulated and all participants will have ample opportunity for questions, group discussions and informal discussions.

All participants will be invited to make one or two presentations to the whole group. To allow for an (inter)active and intensive learning process, the course can host a maximum of 25 participants only. Participants will receive a certificate after completing the full course.