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    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is 45 min away by train. For Delft, you have to change at at Leiden Centraal or The Hague Hollands Spoor (which is called Den Haag HS). If you prearrange a taxi to pick you up at Schiphol, expect to pay €60 to Delft

    Rotterdam The Hague Airport is only a few kilometers away but has poor public transport connections. RET city bus 33 runs frequently to Rotterdam Centraal Station and takes you there in about 20 min. From there it's a 20 min train ride.

    When taking an airport taxi from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, expect to pay about €35 for the trip. Other, cheaper, options are prearranged taxis from Delft.



    Buying a train ticket at Schiphol airport
    You will have to buy a train ticket at "train tickets and services". You can find this office following the signs indicating "train tickets and services" opposite the meeting point (a large red-and-white checked cube). There you will see signs indicating "train tickets & services". At the ticket window you can buy a one way ticket to Delft. You cannot buy a train ticket at the yellow ticket vending machines, because you do not have a Dutch bank account and -card yet.

    Going by train from Schiphol to Delft station
    The officer at the ticket window can explain at which platform you will have to take the train. To arrive at Delft Central Station you will have to change trains (either at station "Leiden Centraal" or at "Den Haag Hollands Spoor").

    This is also indicated at the sign stating "departing trains", which can be found opposite the meeting point. Please look for the destination "Delft". The sign indicates the next train going in this direction, and whether you have to change at Leiden Central or Den Haag Hollands Spoor. It also indicates the platform number the train departs from.

    The escalators and elevators to the train platforms can be found in the middle of the Schiphol Plaza.

    Changing at "Leiden Centraal" or at "Den Haag Hollands Spoor" is not difficult; you simply go to the opposite side of the platform on which you arrived, where the train to Delft will depart. Always check the information board whether Delft is mentioned: some trains do not stop in Delft!

    For pre- scheduling your train journey, please check www.ns.nl and click the link "English" in the right upper corner.

    Delft has two railway stations: Delft (near the city center and best for the university) and Delft Zuid (Delft's southern residential area). (Direct) train connections run from:

    • Den Haag Central Station or Hollands Spoor(10 min, €2)
    • Schiphol Airport (45 min, €9.10)
    • Amsterdam (1 h, €12)
    • Rotterdam (15 m, €3)


    Delft is a short tram ride from Den Haag by tram. Tramline 1 runs from Scheveningen, through the middle of Den Haag and Den Haag HS to Delft. Travelling time is approximately 20 min from Den Haag to Delft. From Scheveningen to Delft takes about 45 min. Tell the driver your travel plans so that he can sell you the best value ticket.

    On the trams you now must use the OV-Chipcard or day-pass. Buy these from the central station or ask at an information desk.