A scholarship fund is available to stimulate participation.  FIA Foundation is the main sponsor of the Delft Road Safety Course by annually providing an important grant to the scholarship fund.

Candidates pay a course fee to join the Delft course or a regional course.  For the Delft course, the fee amounts to € 5100, including housing and lodging for two weeks. The travel expenses to and from Delft are to be paid by the participant or his or her organisation. For a one-week regional course, the fees vary but will amount at least to €2000.

Your possibilities

You may use your sponsorship in the framework of your own PR-activities such as newsletters, magazines, website, annual report etc.  In order to strengthen the positive effects for your company/organization, it is possible to sponsor the scholarship of a particular participant, e.g. originating from a country that is of special interest to your organization/company.  In case you are in contact with potential participants, we would gladly accept a sponsored entry, as long as the candidate complies with the criteria for participation.

Your response

We kindly invite you to indicate your interest through a mail to the Secretary of the Board at

Sponsoring the scholarship fund?

We kindly invite parties and persons to provide financial support to the scholarship fund. You may support the fund with a fixed amount or sponsor one or more candidates.

Different sponsor packages can be provided.

Package 1: you propose one or more candidates, including a full scholarship
Package 2: you propose one or more candidates, including a partial scholarship.
Package 3: you provide one or more full scholarships; candidates may apply for the scholarship.
Package 4: you provide one or more partial scholarships; candidates may apply for the scholarship.

Tailor-made packages are possible. A contract per sponsorship will be submitted.

We thank Sensys Gatso to support the scholarship fund since 2011.