Course evaluation.
At the end of each DRSC course participants are invited to give their appreciation scores about the design, content, quality and organisation of the course. Result of this survey is used to improve the course.  All of the courses are rated at a very high level, i.e. more than 8 on a 10-point scale.  FIA Foundation gave a review of the 2019 course under this link.

  • I thank the organizers for such a great initiative to help address some safety problems across the Globe. I recommend that a robust follow-up mechanism is implemented to make application of the lessons learnt easier.
  • Incredible course, I’ll recommend it. Please get more people on bikes!
  • I appreciate the whole organization for awarding me this opportunity to learn and be part of sustainable development through the provision of safer road infrastructure in a low and middle-income country. I would be happy to be part of any research activities available anywhere to continue my postgraduate studies and competence in championing road safety agenda.
  • This was a good course really, I learnt a lot new from my background.
  • It is a fantastic course! Thanks to all the people working to make this a reality!
  • Wonderful Faculty and Professional delivery of each subject. It was an experience i will remember for a long time. Thank you guys for sharing with us from your immense wealth of knowledge.
  • It was a wonderful experience and great learnings! Special Thanks to the Organising Committee and all the Facilitators.
  • Amazing course it was life-changing.
  • Great course.  Invite decision-makers in government to enhance the implementation of recommendations. This course is practical and informative. I am now able to look at things from a whole new perspective, I learnt quite a lot.
  • All the course was very contributive to the learning for new people in the field. Just enough to discover and to give you the desire to know more. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you very much…the course was very informed and educating.
  • Thanks for all, very good experience in Holland, my first experience abroad for the company.
  • Great course keep it up and consider a Master of Science in Road Safety.
  • Excellent program to be conducted to Policy makers and political leaders but in one day.
  • it was a pleasure to be part of the participants thank you and don’t give up!
  • We should have ex- DRSC or alumni as well facilitating
  • I want to express my sincere appreciation to all for your efforts in making this programme a huge success. Prof. Fred, you have really laboured for us. May God continue to strengthen you and your team.
  • A good programme that should expand the latitude of participation.
  • Thank you! The course organization and execution has gone beyond my expectation. I am very impressed by the volume of information and knowledge given. Learned very valuable practices and knowledge from my peers, great courses with great resources & lecturer

Nice impression of DRSC 2015

Video by Ali Zayerzadeh