Who should attend?

The course is targeted at road safety professionals from LMICs, who are or will be active in road safety for some time during their professional career. Participants should have a professional background relevant for road safety, such as in engineering, behavioural sciences, public health, law enforcement, transportation/land use planning, statistics, economics, and public policy.

Participants are encouraged to apply who (aim) to play a role as lecturer or trainer, or who are affiliated with road safety policy and research. They may work for central or regional public authorities, for international organizations, in the private sector, as a consultant, at universities, research institutes, police or NGOs, etc. However, students at universities are excluded from participation in the course.

After the registration has closed, an independent selection committee will evaluate the applications against the following criteria:

  • Submission of a complete registration package. (i.e. all information requested for in the registration form needs to be in place). Registrations missing information or documents are considered ineligible.
  • Compliance to the target group profile:
    • Academic or higher professional education, preferably master degree, with relevance for road safety
    • Strong position in road safety policy and/or research, preferably at a regular permanent post
    • English language proficiency: spoken and written
    • Convincing motivation and capacity to contribute to the improvement of road safety in LIMC

In addition, a limit is put on the number of participants from one country (max 2 or 3). Please note that all lectures, discussions, and course materials are in English.

For more information download the DRSC 2022/23 Admission and Scholarships policy here.