Delft Road Safety Course for Africa

Bespoke course for road safety professionals in africa

About the Course

In 2017 and 2018, Delft Road Safety Courses organised two dedicated training courses for road safety professionals in Africa.

Both courses were developed in collaboration with DRSC alumni from the National Road Safety Commission of Ghana and the Federal Road Safety Corps in Nigeria, with the support of the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility and the FIA Foundation, and included participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Lesotho, Burundi and Sierra Leone.

Led by Professor Fred Wegman (2017) and Govert Schermers (2018) with the support of lecturers from local universities and institutes with the highest international reputation, the course aimed to build the capacity of road safety professionals by sharing knowledge, experiences, and learning how to develop an effective road safety strategy and implement a local action plan.

Course details

This course has now closed.


The course included classroom presentations, facilitated discussions, group work and field trips.

The working language of the course was English.

Participants all received a certificate from TU Delft after completing the full course.

Day 1

Introduction to road safety in low and middle income countries.

Day 2

Road safety management.

Day 3

Road safety data, research and risk on roads.

Day 4

Evaluation of road safety efforts and technical visits.

Day 5

Developing interventions for specific road safety problems.


Evidence based

We use methodologies and materials that are evidence-based and scientifically sound – supporting a holistic approach to data collection, problem analysis, research and innovation, monitoring and evaluation.

Leading experts

Our courses are delivered by world leading researchers and professionals with experience of working in and with low and middle income countries to improve road safety and sustainable mobility.

Peer learning

Our learning environment encourages students to exchange knowledge and share experiences. This helps in identifying creative, locally relevant solutions to common challenges and issues.

Tailored for LMICs

We base our learning on the Safe System Approach and how this can be tailored and adapted to local contexts, with a focus on the specific challenges faced by low and middle income countries.

Train the trainer

We support local development and the governance of road safety management by developing capacity amongst practitioners and professionals who will return home and share their learning with others.

What will you learn?

After completing this series participants will:

Course Leaders

Fred Wegman

Prof. Fred Wegman

Course Leader, 2017

Govert Schermers

Govert Schermers

Course Leader, 2018

Reflections on the Course

Participant, Mosaja Ntsoane of the National Road Safety Council of Lesotho, gives their thoughts.

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