Fees and scholarships

The total fee for the 2022/2023 course is €3,300. 

This is broken down as €300 fee for part 1, the online course, and €3000 for part 2, 5-day course in Delft, Netherlands. 

The fee for the part 2 will typically include:

  • all lectures, workshops and field trips;
  • daily lunches (soup, sandwiches, warm dishes, fruit) refreshments during the course programme;
  • dinners;
  • use of Delft University facilities like internet via WiFi, beamers etc.;
  • bus transport for pre-planned day trips;
  • Accommodation/ single room.

What’s NOT Included:

  • airfare, travel expenses;
  • all costs for the visa application;
  • optional travel extension;
  • travel and Health Insurance
  • personal expenses (like the bar, room service etc);
  • extra nights in the Netherlands.

It is strongly advised to insure oneself against the costs of medical care.

Participants may apply for a scholarship to cover for the course fee. Participants are responsible for booking and financing their own travel costs.

Scholarships are provided for the classroom part of the course only. That means that participants will have to cover the course fee for the online part themselves.

Scholarships of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the course fee are offered. A limited number of scholarships is available. The organisation of Delft Road Safety Courses will decide upon the offering to each participant.

Participants that have registered for the full course (i.e. not for one of the separate parts) are prioritised.

The scholarships will be assigned after the completion of the online part of the course. Participants in the full course applying for a scholarship need to have successfully completed the online part.

Participants selected for a scholarship will need to reconfirm their participation and their possibility to travel after the completion of the online part. The course organisation will initiate a reconfirmation process for this in due time.

For more information download the DRSC 2022/23 Admission and Scholarships policy here.

All participants of DRSC must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Download the Terms and Conditions here.

Please also take note of our Code of Conduct here.