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What others say about our course (testimonials)

"The course is very informative, well taught by knowledgeable lecturers using quality materials and will definitely contribute to better policy decisions making on road safety matters. There is need to develop satellite courses in LMICs with a local partner.'

"Thank you! The course organization and execution has gone beyond my expectation. I am very impressed by the volume of information and knowledge given. Learned very valuable practices and knowledge from my peers, great courses with a great resources & lecturer!"

“Amazing course it was life changing”

Participant course 2018

“The course was very good and challenging, I strongly recommend it for any road safety professional.”

Participant course 2019

“I thank the organizers for such a great initiative to help address some safety problems across the Globe. I recommend that a robust follow-up mechanism is implemented to make application of the lessons learnt easier.”

Participant 2019