DRSC alumni and lecturers to contribute Safety 2024 Conference in New Delhi


15th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

The 15th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion will take place from 31 August till 4 September 2024 in New Delhi and promises to be an interesting event for DRSC alumni. Not only because of the attention that is extensively given to road safety issues in low and middle income countries, but it also offers DRSC friends and colleagues the opportunity to meet again and catch up.  

There will be strong DRSC representation during the pre-conference workshop program on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September, in particular. These sessions will provide many opportunities for networking and discussing issues of common interest.

On 31 August, Paul Wesemann, co-founder of DRSC and Managing Director of Road Safety for All, will facilitate a discussion on the need to build road safety research capacity in low and middle income countries. The workshop will be moderated by DRSC alumna Prof. Prerana Arora Singh from Nirwan University, India. One of the speakers in this session is also DRSC alumnus Prof. Pasindu from Moratuwa University, Sri Lanka. 

This workshop will aim to discuss the shortfall of knowledge and research infrastructure related to road safety capacity development in low and middle income countries. Indeed, despite enormous amounts of road safety information being made available, more work is needed to facilitate the receipt and transfer of this knowledge among local road safety professionals. These are issues elaborated on in a position paper calling on international organisations to establish a special program for the development of a sustainable road safety knowledge and research infrastructure in low and middle income countries written by Paul along with DRSC colleagues Hans Godthelp, Henk Stipdonk (KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis), and Mark King (CARRS-Q). This paper is due to be published in the coming months with the Traffic Safety Research Journal.

In addition, on 1 September, DRSC lecturer Prof. Geetam Tiwari from the Indian Institute of Technology will lead a workshop of Traffic Safety and Sustainable Cities: exploring the challenges for meeting the SDG targets, road safety governance and leadership. At the same time, DRSC lecturer Dr. Margie Peden of the George Institute for Global Health will host a session on searching for address on establishing an evidence base for best-practice guidance and aiding evidence-informed decision making. Prof. Prerana Arora Singh as part of the Asian Road Safety Academy will also be discussing how to strengthen capacity for research and practice in road safety through media. 

Other interesting road safety-related workshops include: 

  • Powered Two-Wheeler Safety Thematic Stream, Asian Development Bank 
  • The importance of a thorough investigation for both justice and prevention of death and serious injury on our roads, International Road Victims Partnership & IRVA 
  • Strengthening Post-Injury Care and Rehabilitation-A Systems Approach, Johns Hopkins University 
  • Ensuring Road Safety through Community Participation, Center for Safe Alaskans and International Safety Media Awards 
  • Safe helmets for all: checking the realities – walkshop (Practical Workshop), Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety 
  • Building Powerful Theory Driven Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Campaigns, Center for Safe Alaskans and International Safety Media Awards 
  • Supporting advocacy for evidence-based road safety policies– a coordinated approach between GRSP and GHAI 
  • Improving road traffic injury data through data linkage strategies, Vital Strategies  

View the full programme here.