DRSC Alumni mark UN Global Road Safety Week


DRSC alumni support UNGRSW calls to #RethinkMobility

This year’s UN Global Road Safety Week in May focused on the theme of sustainable mobility and making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Road safety advocates across the world organised events and activities calling on governments and stakeholders to #RethinkMobility and make our streets safer for all road users.

This included many DRSC alumni. Some of whom have shared their activities with us:

Nancy Abira (DRSC 2021) from Kenya published a great blog about embracing equity in transport in the Global South with TRL. Nancy says that DRSC contributed greatly to shaping her perspective on road safety.

Dr Gautham Sukumar (DRSC 2017) supported a drink-drive campaign covering nearly 18,000 vehicles in Bengaluru city, India throughout the whole month of May.

Tatiana Mihailova (DRSC 2012) and Virginia Mandalac (DRSC 2014) from Moldova worked with UNICEF and school communities to promote safer school zones and slower speeds as well as meeting with the Prime Minister to talk about road safety objectives for the coming year.

Fernand Charles (DRSC 2017) at the Ministry of Transport in Haiti supported the #RethinkMobility message with Star Rating for Schools training for over 120 people across the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Education, and other local organisations.

Robert Ouko Oyoo (DRSC 2019) delivered road safety training to inspectors from the Kenya National Highway Authority.

Chinara Kasmambetova (DRSC 2012) appeared live on OTRK TV morning program in Kyrgyzstan to talk about UN Global Road Safety Week and her goal to make public transport more comfortable and accessible for all users.

Hemant Tiwari (DRSC 2018) organised a road safety capacity building session for local stakeholders and launched a new program on improving roads through the implementation of road safety audit in the Birendranagar Municipality in Surkhet, Nepal.

Harpreet Singh (DRSC 2022) from India held a high level meeting in the state of Punjab attended by the State Transport Minister to raise awareness and seek commitments on improving road safety for vulnerable road users.

Congratulations to everyone who took part. These global road safety occasions can go a long way towards building a safer system for all road users. They are unique opportunities to engage with decision makers, secure commitments, and generate momentum for change.