How to apply

1. Register Your Interest

Register your interest to be informed as soon as the application form is published. 


TIP: Start preparing your application now to save time later and ensure you can apply on time.

Start acquiring approvals and any necessary budgets from your superiors. Highlight how both they and the organisation will benefit from you taking this course.


Explore any visa requirements you might have. 

2. Go to the Online Application Form

When the applications for the upcoming Delft Road Safety Course are opened, a link to the Online Application Form will be published. This will be advertised across our social media channels.


If you have registered your interest, you will receive an email notification when this happens.

3. Upload your CV (Curriculum Vitae)

The Online Application Form will invite you to upload an up-to-date CV. This should include information concerning achievements in your professional training and career.

4. Upload a Letter of Motivation

The Online Application Form will invite you to upload a Letter of Motivation outlining your motivation to participate in the Delft Road Safety Course. This might also include your personal objectives.

5. Upload an Employer Statement

The Online Application Form will invite you to upload an Employer Statement to confirm your employment status and employer approval of your participation in the course.

6. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and our Policies

7. Submit!

After submitting the form you will receive our acknowledgement of receipt. After registration has closed, an independent selection committee will evaluate all applications and you will be notified of the outcome.

DRSC participant sitting and smiling.

Register your interest and be the first to hear when new courses are announced.