A new way forward for the DRSC leadership


A new way forward for the DRSC leadership

DRSC appoints a new Programme Director, Teije Gorris.

In early 2022, our Steering Committee disbanded and in its place DRSC has a new Programme Director, Teije Gorris. Many of the former steering group member remain involved in various DRSC courses and activities.

Teije brings to DRSC his broad orientation on trends and technological developments both within as outside the field of mobility and traffic engineering – along with a lot of creativity, enthusiasm, and energy. He is committed to inspiring and motivating professionals in LMICs to achieve local road safety goals with the help of DRSC’s activities. In his professional career he has delivered many national and international training programmes, consultancy and innovation projects, including e-courses, summer courses and multiple knowledge transfer events. 

Teije is Team Leader for Capacity Building at DTV Consultants in the Netherlands, responsible for development and delivery of DTV’s capacity building activities. As an Expert for the World Bank he has been providing bicycle infrastructure training courses for stakeholders in the Philippines. He also supports the Global Road Safety Partnership in urban planning and road safety related matters.

Teije sat down for chat where we got to know him a little better. Check out our video above to learn more.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to the outgoing Steering Committee.

As said by Alphons Hennekens, Chairman of the Board,

“The word goodbye doesn’t really apply. You will remain associated with DRSC and active in other functions … You were the driving forces behind the partnership that later became DRSC from the first course in 2012.”

We are delighted that the former Steering Committee members will still be involved in upcoming DRSC activities and courses. Prof. Fred Wegman plans to be involved in developing regional courses and fundraising. Hans will continue his support in developing special courses and expanding contacts with alumni, especially at universities. Paul Wesemann continues as Secretary/Treasurer of the Board and offers guidance to the Director in the further professionalisation of the organisation. And, Emma MacLennan remains involved in alumni development and the 2022/23 DRSC.