Alumni Spotlight: Hemant Tiwari, Nepal

Alumni Spotlight

Hemant Tiwari advocates for making Road Safety Audits mandatory in Nepal

Delft Road Safety Courses Alumnus Hemant Tiwari is a 2022 Local Action Winner as part of an initiative launched by the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety to improve road safety and sustainable mobility in local areas.

In Nepal, Road Safety Audits are usually only carried out at the central government level and often ignored at a provincial and local level.

Hemant’s winning project therefore aims to advocate for safer road infrastructure on all kinds of roads and make Road Safety Audit (RSA) mandatory across all levels in Nepal.

The project will focus on capacity building on safer road infrastructure and RSA among technical, bureaucratic, and political leaders at central, provincial, and local government. Understanding RSA and crash investigation is a core element of DRSC.

As well as conducting an RSA on more than 25 kilometers of road in Surkhet, the capital city of Karnali Province, and an area witnessing an increase in road crashes.

An RSA report will be prepared, and different stakeholders will be encouraged to invest in road safety infrastructure based on the results.

By profession, Hemant is a transport engineer who has been working in transport planning, traffic engineering, and road safety since 2011. He leads a youth-led NGO named Safe & Sustainable Travel Nepal (SSTN) which focuses on sustainable and safe transportation system through research, awareness, capacity building, and advocacy. He also holds the position of Managing Director of Traffic and Transport Unlimited Solution (TATUS), a consulting organization offering services in transportation sector, and is a Visiting Faculty Member in various academic institutions affiliated with Civil Engineering dealing with transportation engineering and road safety. He is also one of the core members of the team working on the National Road Safety Action Plan 2021-2030 for Nepal. He attended DRSC in 2018.

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