Vision Zero Challenge


DRSC partners with the Vision Zero Challenge

Delft Road Safety Courses is proud to announce its partnership with the Vision Zero Challenge coordinated by the World Resources Institute (WRI).

The objective of the challenge is to expose cities to what the Vision Zero and Safe System approach to road safety really means and help them reflect on how to start implementing a paradigm change and finally to act. The challenge aims to spotlight the importance of moving from #Vision2Action by providing targeted support to political and technical leaders to develop a safe mobility system and celebrate those cities that are achieving a genuine shift in their approach.

At the beginning of 2020, 24 cities joined the Vision Zero Challenge for Latin America. These cities were chosen to receive technical support from globally recognized road safety leaders through this initiative. In 2021, four cities were selected as the finalist cities because of their remarkable strides developing their Road Safety Plans and initiatives. These four cities were recognised for their efforts and progress at the VZC Awards Ceremony during the Transforming Transportation 2022 conference.

Among the winners was the city of Buenos Aires who will be awarded a free scholarship place to attend our 2022 Road Safety Course. We hope that this will further support the momentum created by the VZC.

Last year, Buenos Aires launched its updated Road Safety Plan, which aims to reduce road fatalities in half by 2030. The city has also made remarkable progress implementing protected cycle lanes in some of its mayor avenues and redesigning dangerous intersections in busy transport hubs. Buenos Aires is also part of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety and with the additional support provided via the VZC, the city has made outstanding progress improving safety and particularly developing their Speed Management Plan.

DRSC’s objective is to improve road safety in low and middle income countries by providing capacity building for road safety professionals involved in developing effective road safety strategies and action plans.

Other prize winners included Lima (Peru), Merida (Mexico), and Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Congratulations for all your efforts and we look forward to welcoming a representative from Buenos Aires to our course later this year.